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Injection Diesel Ltd.
Diesel Rotor

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Diesel rotor/ injection diesel Ltd. was established 45 years ago.
Our main activities are:

  •  Exclusive import and distribution of fuel injection system's spare parts - pumps, injectors and turbochargers for diesel engines of all brands.
  •  A service shop for diagnostic and repare of the diesel injection system - fuel pump, injector and turbocharger.
  •  New spare parts sales for the injection system - Fuel pump, injectors, turbochargers, additives and more. 
  • Stanadyne central distributor for Israel

Our main customers are obviously the central garages, but also privet customers such as 4x4 owners, taxi drivers and so.
Our warehouse contains hundreds of reconditioned pumps, injectors and turbochargers of all brands - giving a fast reply and service for the customer who can't wait for the recondition time - replacing the old part for a reconditioned or a new one immediately.




14/07/2008 - Pump Mounted Driver(PMD) with wiring harness and heat transfer gasket - special price!
14/07/2008 - Reconditioned common rail injectors - Delphi, Denso, Siemens and Bosch
14/07/2008 - IN STOCK!!! Stanadyne performance formula
14/07/2008 - IN STACK!!!Reconditioned CR injectors for Ford connect
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Diesel Rotor/Injection Diesel Ltd | Tel Aviv branch: 108 Har zion blvd,Kiriyat hamelacha,Tel-Aviv |                     
Tel: 972-3-6817466 | Telfax: 972-6826675
Jerusalem branche: Yaakov haelihav, test line, Givat shaul,Jerusalem |
Tel: 972-2-6512347|Telfax:: 972-2-6516279| info@dieselrotor.com